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When you’ve spent as many years and hours behind the wheel as this owner/operator team has, you’ve had your fair share of breakdowns at the worst time in the worst place. When we’ve needed towing, we wanted someone equipped to handle the job professionally, protect our rig and our payload, and in every sense, have our back.

So, what would that look like?

 We wanted a towing and recovery service that would:

  1. Have the right equipment, technology and machinery to handle heavy-duty towing, and recovery if the situation required it. (Ask questions about their towing capacity and capability level (gross combination weight rating.) Be specific about your situation to help them determine if they have handled tows similar to yours. 
  2. Have the training, experience, and certification for semi-truck and heavy-duty towing and the skills to handle the specialized machinery it takes for recovery, if the situation requires it.
  3. Travel to rural roads, remote or difficult locations. (Confirm the route to your truck before you hire them, to see if there are any issues – back roads, detours, construction hold-ups, etc. that might delay or cause backtracking.)
  4. Professionally and safely handle and protect the truck, trailer and payload (for example, ask if they can handle load shift if necessary). 
  5. In short, care about your rig as much as you …  and their equipment, driver/technicians, expertise, respectful attitude and responsiveness reflect it.

Ask More and Find the Best.

A stranded semi is a big enough headache. You don’t need the added problems of someone doing more damage to your rig trying to tow it. Asking the right questions up front to get the right tow is well worth the time.

A bonus for us would have been if the towing and recovery company could have also towed us to their diesel truck repair center and taken care of our rig. Stranded drivers in East Tennessee in the five surrounding counties of Knoxville have discovered they can do just that with us.  We still love the road, and we still drive, but our dream was also to build a full-service diesel repair center that OTR drivers in our part of the world could depend on. Regional and national fleet managers have our number for anytime their trucks are in proximity of our 9-bay repair center, right off I-40/I-75. Towing available for a 150-mile radius of our shop!

Drivers we tow can relax and watch football while our team of trained technicians repair their truck. For big rig, heavy duty and medium duty diesel trucks, Knoxville Diesel’s fleet, with comprehensive towing and recovery services, along with full-service diagnostic and repair capabilities, can get them rolling again. They trust the Pros Who Tow.

Worker hooking a truck to the tow truck
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